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Does Technology or the Internet Make ...

Does Technology or the Internet Make People LESS Connected?
I was recently witness to a debate at a local gathering that began when one man angrily claimed that people who live on their cell phones and laptops are “selfish” and “not connected with people”. His statement turned into a long discussion with people as young as a woman in her early 20’s to a gentleman in his 7 [...]

The Impact of Battling SEO Spam

The Impact of Battling SEO Spam
A couple weeks ago I lashed out at people, places and things pretty much everywhere I went. I was so angry and later, depressed, without understanding why. Giving Tree Most everyday I get to look at trees out my windows because I live among them and working from home gives me this gift. I consider every tree to be a Giving Tree. When I wan [...]

The Evolving Web and 16 Lessons It Ta...

The Evolving Web and 16 Lessons It Taught Me So Far
Somebody asked on Twitter the other day how to explain what a blog is to a client. I replied with something like, “Online diary or journal. Easy way to put up a web site.” You get 140 characters to “talk” in Twitter. So I had to be brief. She thought her client would most understand the web site part. I agree. This [...]

She Has Something to Do With Web Site...

She Has Something to Do With Web Sites
This year my family went out in all directions for Thanksgiving. My husband, Eric, and I went to my Mom and Dad’s for dinner. Not 5 minutes into the meal, Dad asks, “What is it. Again. That you do again?” My sister, her son and my mom also had “some idea”. Eric took a stab at it. After his elevator speech, my [...]

Teetering on the Blogger’s Ledg...

Teetering on the Blogger’s Ledge
As a consultant on Search Engine Marketing and Web Site Usability, one of the suggestions I often make to companies who want to establish their online presence is to create a blog. Is this still a good idea? The seeds of blogging began in the late 1980’s when early adopters of the Internet used bulletin boards to find people and talk w [...]

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