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36 Ecommerce Website Changes That Wil...

Retail Sale
Is your website ready for the holiday season?  Do you sell products online?  Are you sure your site is user friendly and persuasive? The objective of this checklist is to provide you with assistance in making sure your website is ready to generate revenue.  Each item is intended to support your online marketing investment by increasing the ov [...]

Usability Is My Drug of Choice

Web site usability and information architecture are still my drug of choice. Whenever I feel close to quitting, I find others who not only believe in the value of UX work, but explain its value better than I can. UX is the New SEO UX is the new way to optimize sites for search engines because Google said so. Yes, that benign search giant has [...]

You Have to See This: The Secret to S...

Figure looking at laptop
Before search engines appeared, how did Internet users find information? Where was information located and who had it all? It is hard to imagine what life was like before the Internet became part of our daily lives.  Schools are removing classes on writing in cursive and replacing them with how to handle Facebook bullies.  Google plans on the [...]

This is Your Brain on the Web

SEO and Ethics
Remember the TV commercial that showed what your brain looks like when you take street narcotic drugs?  The splattered egg in a pan? Have you ever wondered what your brain looks like when trying to find something you want from a search engine?  In those cases, brains look like strawberries. Cognitive Behavior and How We Search the Web is a pi [...]

Conversions Web Design Presentation

My presentation at Pubcon New Orleans was well attended and popular.  If you would like to see the slides from my talk, visit Conversions Web Design

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