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36 Ecommerce Website Changes That Wil...

Retail Sale
Is your website ready for the holiday season?  Do you sell products online?  Are you sure your site is user friendly and persuasive? The objective of this checklist is to provide you with assistance in making sure your website is ready to generate revenue.  Each item is intended to support your online marketing investment by increasing the ov [...]

UX Futures – Unbelievably Affor...

Register for UX Future
I enjoy, use and recommend Rosenfeld Media for learning the skills used in the usability and user interface/experience design profession.  Here is a unique opportunity to listen to usability thought leaders without the need to pack, board the pets and sit in cramped planes. UX Futures is a one day event is held on November 5 and features a da [...]

The Difference Between Usability and ...

Sold Sign on New Home Lot
The term usability has suffered from an image problem that grows worse as time goes on while the demand for the work increases. For us, there was no way to know in advance what the actual flavor of the neighborhood would be like, or what our relationship to it might be. Try selling a methodology that has no strict standards conformance, is pr [...]

SEO Future Article Lacks Balance and ...

SEO Future Article Lacks Balance and Leadership
If you are a newcomer to SEO and read a recent article on the future of SEO you would discover there are 16 “expert, industry veterans” in SEO and they are men. The article, Expert Insights On The Future Of SEO, Part 1, is taking some heat for its featuring men. For me, the issue isn’t about gender. That was the trigger. The [...]

Hotjar Insights Provides Usability Te...

Hotjar Insights Provides Usability Testing Platform That Has It All
Finally, a usability testing suite with all the goodies packed into one application has arrived. Called HotJar, it is brand new and looking for you. HotJar Insights has heatmap, polls, surveys, user testing, chat, and more. If you test websites and gather data from them, you likely are using at least 10 different tools. The top testing system [...]

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