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Affordable Advertising Right Under Yo...

Affordable Advertising Right Under Your Nose
Is your business known for its compassion or getting money no matter what or how?  What do people think of when they see your brand?  Generosity? Out of touch? Affordable advertising opportunities are everywhere in plain view for local businesses to take advantage of or big corporations to show a different side of their company.  The solution [...]

Today’s Tip: Web Site Usabilit...

Today’s Tip:  Web Site Usability Online Course by Kim Krause Berg
For many years I’ve been tutoring students at the Search Engine College who wish to learn more about web site usability and user friendly design. While the Search Engine College focuses mostly on search engine marketing practices, owner Kalena Jordan wanted a course in web site usability to support and compliment the other courses.  She [...]

Today’s Tip: Why Web Site Usabi...

Today’s Tip: Why Web Site Usability Reviews?
The main objective of usability reviews and functional testing is to help your online business succeed and meet all of your goals. Often, a company simply doesn’t know how to be successful online because their staff isn’t experienced with all the skills necessary to be and remain competitive. Usability is an important business decision if rev [...]

Today’s Tip – Navigation ...

Today’s Tip – Navigation and a Paper on How Articles go Viral
User friendly navigation, especially drop down menus, sometimes have usability issues. Here’s a nice article for designing drop down menus. E-commerce drop-down menus: examples and best practices Drop-down menus are a valuable navigational tool for e-commerce and other sites. There are potential usability issues, but a well designed dr [...]

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