Affordable Advertising Right Under Your Nose

Is your business known for its compassion or getting money no matter what or how?  What do people think of when they see your brand?  Generosity? Out of touch?

Affordable advertising opportunities are everywhere in plain view for local businesses to take advantage of or big corporations to show a different side of their company.  The solutions are simple.  Sponsorship.  Cheap advertising offered by charities.

I would put half page ads in my high school’s football program that went out at each game.  For the Relay for Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, I could afford a sign that they made for me that was staked along with others along the Relay walking path.  And, I got to keep it.

Raising funds for different charities, projects or sports over the years, I saw how people donated gorgeous baskets for raffles.  They would fill them with their products or items they simply chose, and stick in their business card and gift certificate for whomever won it.  Our tables would be filled with business cards, brochures and books donated by local authors.  Massage therapists would bring a chair and donate 15 minute massages.  The money would go to raise money for the cause, but people walked away meeting a new massage therapist they might hire again.  Local farms donate herbs, homemade soaps and jams.

Car dealerships, retail stores of all sizes, all kinds of eateries… you name it, they found a way to get involved at the local level.  Sponsoring Little League teams is popular.  A local realtor offers free hot air balloon rides every year at a local festival.

[box] The goal is to keep your name out there so people remember your business and associate it with positive feelings.[/box]

Help Me. Help Your Company.  We are Team F.I.G.H.T.

I have one week to finish helping my team raise funds for Relay for Life.  We have a ways to go to make our goal of $2,500. The advertising options are below for download. Or, simply dedicate a luminary in the name of loved ones, at $10 each. We’re trying to raise money through a book sale to get money to buy roses to place by each luminary.

Forms for Download and Print

Get a Sign
Opportunities $5 and up

Thank you

Today’s Tip: Web Site Usability Online Course by Kim Krause Berg

For many years I’ve been tutoring students at the Search Engine College who wish to learn more about web site usability and user friendly design.

While the Search Engine College focuses mostly on search engine marketing practices, owner Kalena Jordan wanted a course in web site usability to support and compliment the other courses.  She recognized early on the value of a user friendly, easy to use web site and marketing it to both people and search engines.

The course I teach is offered as both part of certification offered at the college or as a standalone.  You go at your pace and I’m available to answer questions.

The self-study Web Site Usability Course can be taken at your convenience.

Topics Studied During This Course:

  • Lesson 1 = What is Usability?
  • Lesson 2 = Web Site Requirements Gathering
  • Lesson 3 = Information Architecture and Navigation
  • Lesson 4 = User Interface Standards: A Useable User Interface
  • Lesson 5 = Credibility and Authenticity
  • Lesson 6 = User Friendly Forms

The course is the perfect introduction to web site usability. Marketing companies who use the Search Engine College to help train their staff add the usability course so they know the kinds of things to look for on their clients web sites that may need revision before marketing. The course also helps people determine if a web site requires a full usability audit. Web site owners can easily use the course to spruce up their own web sites.

It’s written to be fun to learn and understand usability theory and application. What is the point of making your site compatible with search engines and optimized for your target keywords if your visitors don’t bother to stick around?

Order your Web Site Usability Self-Study Course (WSU 101) here.

I’d love to meet you.

About Search Engine College
Search Engine College is an online training institution offering tutor supervised courses and self-study courses in Search Engine Optimization and other Search Engine Marketing subjects. We have students in 53 countries worldwide.

Study SEO and Usability at the Search Engine College

Free course at Search Engine College

Today’s Tip: Why Web Site Usability Reviews?

The main objective of usability reviews and functional testing is to help your online business succeed and meet all of your goals. Often, a company simply doesn’t know how to be successful online because their staff isn’t experienced with all the skills necessary to be and remain competitive.

Usability is an important business decision if revenue is expected to come from a web site. It is used to determine what is wanted and needed by a business. Usability input is focused on delivering results and supporting all the ways and opportunities available to successfully meet those results. It’s tied to reputation management, customer service, word of mouth advertising and the return of investment for all marketing.

Usability testing checks for ease of use.

In addition to support for business goals, usability testing acts as an advocate for customers and end users by educating companies on data collected on known user behavior, usage habits and issues such as those of disabled persons and the sight impaired. In some countries, such as the USA and the UK, some web sites must meet certain legal requirements or guidelines to do business online. Usability and human factors research are ongoing and closely tied to marketing goals and incentives.  The more case studies that are performed on how people use web sites, the better usability testing becomes in making sure web designs work as expected.

A nice recent resource to check out is Beyond Usability Testing

Request your FREE QUOTE here. does custom heuristic site reviews, task-based cognitive walkthrough’s, mockup testing and more.

Today’s Tip – Navigation and a Paper on How Articles go Viral

User friendly navigation, especially drop down menus, sometimes have usability issues. Here’s a nice article for designing drop down menus.

E-commerce drop-down menus: examples and best practices

Drop-down menus are a valuable navigational tool for e-commerce and other sites. There are potential usability issues, but a well designed drop-down will help customers to navigate more quickly and effectively.

In this post, I’ll look at some of the pros and cons of drop-downs, mega drop-downs, as well as some examples and best practices from a range of e-commerce sites.


What Makes online Content Viral?

Why are certain pieces of online content (e.g., advertisements, videos,
news articles) more viral than others? this article takes a psychological
approach to understanding diffusion. Using a unique data set of all the
New York Times articles published over a three-month period, the authors
examine how emotion shapes virality. the results indicate that positive
content is more viral than negative content, but the relationship between
emotion and social transmission is more complex than valence alone.