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Hotjar Insights Provides Usability Te...

Hotjar Insights Provides Usability Testing Platform That Has It All
Finally, a usability testing suite with all the goodies packed into one application has arrived. Called HotJar, it is brand new and looking for you. HotJar Insights has heatmap, polls, surveys, user testing, chat, and more. If you test websites and gather data from them, you likely are using at least 10 different tools. The top testing system [...]

Advanced Web Design – Motivatio...

Advanced Web Design – Motivation
For my friends who devour case studies in Human Factors and new thinking in web design, here are some of my more recent finds. Service Design Elements that comprise Service Design as a discipline. Introduction to the Fundamentals of Motivation There is little escaping the fact that our motivations or how we explain and conceptualise them dig [...]

Feedburner is Dead

Feedburner is Dead
Update from John Mueller from Google – “5:09 PM It’s still up and running – the counts are being worked on. We use it on all our blogs as well :-)?” Bye Feedburner. It was fun. If you didn’t get the memo or have the ability to read Google’s universal mind, their free RSS and email subscription service [...]

Free Usability Books and UX Researh T...

Free Usability Books and UX Researh Tools
While I’m in the process of bulldozing this site, I found two very cool Usability finds too good not to share if you love freebies. Visit  Download Free UX Books Free UX Research Tools by ZURB Thanks ActualInsights for aiding and abetting my UX addiction.

Recommended Reading for Ecommerce Sit...

Recommended Reading for Ecommerce Sites – Checkout Design Usability Data
IF you own or are working on an ecommerce website and have questions about user interface that converts, you may like The State Of E-Commerce Checkout Design 2012 Here’s a walkthrough of just a handful of the interesting stats we’ve found when benchmarking the top 100 grossing e-commerce websites’ checkout processes: The average checkout [...]

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