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The Difference Between Usability and ...

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The term usability has suffered from an image problem that grows worse as time goes on while the demand for the work increases. For us, there was no way to know in advance what the actual flavor of the neighborhood would be like, or what our relationship to it might be. Try selling a methodology that has no strict standards conformance, is pr [...]

Hotjar Insights Provides Usability Te...

Hotjar Insights Provides Usability Testing Platform That Has It All
Finally, a usability testing suite with all the goodies packed into one application has arrived. Called HotJar, it is brand new and looking for you. HotJar Insights has heatmap, polls, surveys, user testing, chat, and more. If you test websites and gather data from them, you likely are using at least 10 different tools. The top testing system [...]

How Your Small Business Can Perform U...

How Your Small Business Can Perform User Testing
I like watching people use web sites. Their likes, dislikes, environment, habits, expectations, and abilities to perform online tasks are all unique. Sometimes I think I’ll spend my retirement sitting in a shopping mall doing user testing, for fun. I was interviewed by the famous Ralph Wilson who has long been dedicated to small busine [...]

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