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Holistic SEO and Usability and Cre8pc...

Kim at Pubcon
For the nearly 20 years that I have been building, optimizing and testing websites, there are always those people who think I’m a weeny who knows nothing. This recent testimonial, written by a someone I have known for a long time, came as a surprise.  I know what makes a website work for ALL people, not just those who own the site.  I a [...]

What a User Friendly Website Means to...

Slide from a talk
If you know me, you are aware that I have been doing what I call Holistic Usability and SEO since the year 2000.  From the moment I combined the two practices, I became a black sheep. Search engines are all about the user experience.  It is, and was, all they could do to discover how we want our information delivered to us.  Yahoo! was one of [...]

Persuasive and Conversions Web Design...

Persuasive and Conversions Web Design Pubcon New Orleans
Attendees at this year’s PubCon New Orleans interested in improving their website design, increasing conversions, and sending “We are Awesome” signals to search engines can attend my talk on Wednesday, March 19 at 11:45. Persuasive and Conversions Web Design Whether you have an established website, are launching a new one or [...]

Somewhere on CNN is a News Site

CNN homepage with ads
As more and more news sites devote their top stories to leads they find from People magazine, the only other sign of desperation is advertising out the wazoo. Case in Point

A Touch of UX in Austin, Texas Riding...

A Touch of UX in Austin, Texas Riding Into Town
Pubcon continues to deliver affordable one-day conferences and I’m excited to be speaking at the next one in Austin, Texas in January 2014. I like to make my talks fun, fascinating and informative.  I’d love to meet you and welcome you to sit in for my presentation on Tuesday, January 28, 09:20a – 10:20a  at the Pubcon Regio [...]

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