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Hiring Web Site Information Architect...

Hiring Web Site Information Architecture – Tips for Better Decisions
Web site information architecture is an additional skill web designers may not have that you may need to outsource for. Information architecture is tied to usability testing and how humans search, sort, classify and order things. This is not the same as site architecture that SEO’s use in their work. Shari Thurow describes what informa [...]

IA, SEO & UX: $500 Won’t F...

IA, SEO & UX: $500 Won’t Fix This Mess
True story. I was asked to quote on an SEO job for a web site completely built in Flash with AJAX and JavaScript for an extra added thrill. They had $500 to spend. Most of you would decline and so did I, but not before we got into a bit of a discussion when the agency insisted I was wrong about engines and Flash. For their company name, the [...]

Usability and SEO – Let’s...

Usability and SEO – Let’s Make an Exceptional Web Site, Shall We?
In the space of a few days, two separate articles were published on the same topic, but from different perspectives. The writers discuss Usability/User Experience, Project Management and Search Engine Marketing practices, where they collide or fit like a glove. Each article is eye opening for those of you who work in enterprise development. [...]

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