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Pinky and the Brain, Search Marketing...

Pinky and the Brain, Search Marketing & User Experience Design
When Google went from being just another new search engine to the search engine, I couldn’t stop comparing the company to the cartoon series, Pinky and the Brain. In my mind, the conversation between Larry and Sergey was identical to the two lab mice: Larry: “Gee Sergey, what do you want to do tonight?” Sergey: “The same thing we do ever [...]

Search Engines Are Like Home Delivery...

Search Engines Are Like Home Delivery Trucks
While thinking about recent news surrounding the latest algorithm changes Google made and pondering something Matt Cutts has been saying about search, a picture came to my mind of a Google person arriving at my house delivering search results all packaged up for just me. The only thing missing was a little card. Search Results Just for Me Pe [...]

The UX and SEO Connection For Our Cha...

The UX and SEO Connection For Our Changing Times
If you’re seeking signs of hope or signals for where to put your time, money and energy for your online business, I have some direction to pass along. The convergence of Internet Marketing and User Experience design is where the action is. Peter DaVanzo has conducted an interview with Mike Grehan that contains nuggets of gems and insigh [...]

Unconditional Marketing and The Socia...

Unconditional Marketing and The Social Media Experiment
When Google introduced page rank scores, the days of promoting anything because you simply liked it officially ended. Overnight, marketing became a case of “You rub my back and I’ll rub yours.” Is this working? I don’t believe it is and I’ve never supported it because it immediately sets up conditions. Conditions [...]

Google Adds Promote and Remove Button...

Google Adds Promote and Remove Buttons to Search Results
It’s past midnight and just as I begin to think I should get some sleep, I get word of this: Promote And Remove Buttons In Google at Cre8asiteforums. Google’s “JohnMu” weighs in on the discussion at Cre8asiteforums. Sooo, yes. I took screen shots. I can move my own web site up and down my SERPS pages. From Google Sea [...]

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