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No Guidance, No Interaction, No Sale:...

No Guidance, No Interaction, No Sale: Improving Internet Shopping Usability
A good friend recently told me a story about how a company built a web site that needed user instructions to use it. The only page that was allowed to put a link to those instructions was the homepage. Therefore, should a visitor arrive via a search engine to a landing page within the web site, they were out of luck. No guidance, no interacti [...]

Blended Usability and SEO Practices a...

Blended Usability and SEO Practices a Hit
Just when I was seriously considering not writing articles for other publications for awhile, something happened. I wrote an article that poured out in one take for Search Engine Land’s newly renamed “Search and Usability” column and delivered it way past my deadline. Turns out, it was a hit. I’d been pondering lately [...]

Top Ten Must Have Books on Usability ...

Top Ten Must Have Books on Usability and Search Engine Optimization
The only that pours slower than molasses is universal acceptance of how well search engine marketing and user experience design work together. How long have I been writing here on the topic? Eleven years. Five people actually get it. Interest in the Usability and SEO combo is growing but mostly from the search engine marketing camp. Some [...]

The Have’s and Have-Not’s...

The Have’s and Have-Not’s Fight in the SEO Industry
Recently I received an email by a company pitching their new product. I get these nearly every day. Sometimes they arrive specifically to me and address me by name. The one that came the other day was quite different. The email came addressed to 51 people in the SEO industry, each one of them assigned a number. The email began, “Dear SE [...]

It’s Not Wise to Fool Search En...

It’s Not Wise to Fool Search Engine Marketers
In 1995, when American Online (AOL) was my ticket to the whole world, I wanted to believe nobody was lying to me. In the groups I had joined to meet others with the same interests, I read every word and assumed every web site I visited was genuine. I was so dumb. Before long, every possible gizmo and gadget could make you rich, or so it was [...]

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