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How Your Small Business Can Perform U...

How Your Small Business Can Perform User Testing
I like watching people use web sites. Their likes, dislikes, environment, habits, expectations, and abilities to perform online tasks are all unique. Sometimes I think I’ll spend my retirement sitting in a shopping mall doing user testing, for fun. I was interviewed by the famous Ralph Wilson who has long been dedicated to small busine [...]

2009 Writings on SEO and UX by Kim Kr...

2009 Writings on SEO and UX by Kim Krause Berg
A look at the past year… I have likely forgotten something and if so, please let me know. Web Site Requirements Include Search Engine Marketing, page 43 of SES Magazine, Chicago Edition or on Clickz, Web Site Requirements: What to Include WebSite Magazine Moms in Business and Everyday Usability Everyday Usability – 14 Point Checkl [...]

IA, SEO & UX: $500 Won’t F...

IA, SEO & UX: $500 Won’t Fix This Mess
True story. I was asked to quote on an SEO job for a web site completely built in Flash with AJAX and JavaScript for an extra added thrill. They had $500 to spend. Most of you would decline and so did I, but not before we got into a bit of a discussion when the agency insisted I was wrong about engines and Flash. For their company name, the [...]

Not Quite The Rolling Stone Cover

Not Quite The Rolling Stone Cover
But this was cool. Members only link – to the celebration of my 10,000 post. I was thinking that these posts are just since Cre8asiteforums came about in its present form in 2002. From 1998 to then, I was posting in the original version of it, as well as Webmasterworld and MarketPositionGold’s forum. And, if you count blog comme [...]

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