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Feedburner is Dead

Feedburner is Dead
Update from John Mueller from Google – “5:09 PM It’s still up and running – the counts are being worked on. We use it on all our blogs as well :-)?” Bye Feedburner. It was fun. If you didn’t get the memo or have the ability to read Google’s universal mind, their free RSS and email subscription service [...]

Pinky and the Brain, Search Marketing...

Pinky and the Brain, Search Marketing & User Experience Design
When Google went from being just another new search engine to the search engine, I couldn’t stop comparing the company to the cartoon series, Pinky and the Brain. In my mind, the conversation between Larry and Sergey was identical to the two lab mice: Larry: “Gee Sergey, what do you want to do tonight?” Sergey: “The same thing we do ever [...]

Ads Rile Google? Bah. What about we ...

Ads Rile Google?  Bah. What about we Humans?
This caught my attention. Google May Penalize Your Site for Having Too Many Ads published in SearchEngineWatch states Google is looking at penalizing ad heavy sites that make it difficult for people to find good content on web pages, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, said yesterday at PubCon during his keynote session. The k [...]

Pierre Far aka “eKstreme”...

Pierre Far aka “eKstreme” Hired By Google
Cligs (URL shortener) inventor, programmer, marketer and web developer, with a PhD in bacterial genetics from Cambridge University, Pierre Far aka “eKstreme”, officially announced today he has been hired by Google.com. That’s the good news. The sad news is that this means Cre8asiteforums loses its Technical Administrator an [...]

SEO is Not “Voodoo”

SEO is Not “Voodoo”
A guest post by an anonymous writer appeared in TechCrunch, called The Time Has Come To Regulate Search Engine Marketing And SEO.  Anytime I hear about regulating search engine marketing, I go to see the street brawl. The article focused on how evil Google, as the lKing of search engines, is. The writer makes valid points about how the searc [...]

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