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Should User Generated Content Be Kind...

Should User Generated Content Be Kind?
For 17 years I’ve been active in online communities and tried my best to follow one basic rule – “Is it true, necessary and kind?” – with each comment. ┬áIt doesn’t always work. When search engines began to listen to social signals coming from Facebook, Yelp, G+, Amazon and countless other web sites where th [...]

Feedburner is Dead

Feedburner is Dead
Update from John Mueller from Google – “5:09 PM It’s still up and running – the counts are being worked on. We use it on all our blogs as well :-)?” Bye Feedburner. It was fun. If you didn’t get the memo or have the ability to read Google’s universal mind, their free RSS and email subscription service [...]

New Web Site: Announcing Social Media...

New Web Site: Announcing Social Media Tips!
I’m excited to introduce you to a new web site launched by my long time friend, Ross Dunn. I love the design and the ENERGY it puts out. New Web Site – Social Media TipsStrongly recommended! Visit Social Media Tips. Learn Social Media Efficiently:SocialMediaTips.com was launched on July 25th, 2012 with simplicity in mind; find the [...]

People Paid to Post Misleading Inform...

People Paid to Post Misleading Information on the Internet Is a Global Practice
The practice of marketing companies paying armies of people to post misleading, false information on blogs, forums and social sites is expanding globally. While the practice can be used to post fake positive reviews for pay, for example, more often these paid posts are intended to destroy competition. I’ve been getting unsolicited calls [...]

Pay Per Conversation – Bringing...

Pay Per Conversation – Bringing User Behavior into a Social Networking World
It took us 15 years but finally, FINALLY, humanity is connected by one unifying activity. Online communication. This is not the same thing as chatting, emailing, newsletters or forums. They’re the medium. What I mean is that we’re making contact and learning from it. I had an epiphany in 1995 the first time I ever saw the Inter [...]

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