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Free Download: Holiday Conversions Ti...

Still looking for last minute ideas to increase your ecommerce sales?  Fresh ideas? Are you sure you covered every possible persuasive design angle for your holiday promotions? This past Tuesday Shawna Seigel interviewed me during her regular show, eCom Experts.  In addition to the suggestions and examples from the broadcast, I offered a free [...]

Recent Slideshows on Usability and Co...

I’ve uploaded two Power Point presentations from my last two speaking events.  Both tackled web site usability, persuasive design, landing pages and increasing conversions. PubCon Las Vegas Usability and Persuasive Design for Increasing Conversions Vermont Digital Marketing Conference Audience is King – Landing Page & Usabilit [...]

The Secret to Natural Website Convers...

Book Cover
I have been applying Holistic Usability and SEO practices for 13 years because the combination is powerful for building successful websites. Now, there is a book about it. Get the download for free. The Secret to Natural Website Conversions, by Kim Krause Berg Natural text is an affordable Internet marketing practice that any type of web sit [...]

Usability or SEO: Whose Side Are You...

There remains an ocean between human factors/usability/user experience design and testing and search engine optimization, marketing and internet marketing practices, with no bridge to cross over. What’s worse, few are willing to build that bridge.  Perhaps it’s because every time someone starts to they are tossed into the ocean or [...]

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