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How to Give Your Web Site The Special...

How to Give Your Web Site The Special Stuff for Success
I love to write for the Just Behave usability and seo column at Search Engine Land. Every month we have a deadline and each time I hit a brick wall with no idea what to write about. And then…the stuff just comes. Today’s article is called It’s A Fatal Mistake To Copy Successful Web Sites, I relate a true experience. During the [...]

2009 Writings on SEO and UX by Kim Kr...

2009 Writings on SEO and UX by Kim Krause Berg
A look at the past year… I have likely forgotten something and if so, please let me know. Web Site Requirements Include Search Engine Marketing, page 43 of SES Magazine, Chicago Edition or on Clickz, Web Site Requirements: What to Include WebSite Magazine Moms in Business and Everyday Usability Everyday Usability – 14 Point Checkl [...]

Grow Your Skills with Website Optimiz...

Grow Your Skills with Website Optimization by Andrew King
Whenever I look at job descriptions for web site design positions, it amazes me the long list of expectations companies have these days. Most of them want someone who is skilled in programming, search engine marketing, graphics design, usability, and writing. Then, they ask for specific skills using particular software products, knowledge of [...]

Mobile Marketing Focus in Search Mark...

Mobile Marketing Focus in Search Marketing Standard Fall Issue
Here’s your challenge. Where can you find topics in one place that will go with you in the car, bathroom or office and doesn’t need electronics to access? Alternatives to Google AdWords – There are? Ranked Hard SEO comic Performance pricing Mobile marketing Google Ad Planner An Interview with Andy Beal Micro-blogging (Tweet [...]

Spring 2008 Search Marketing Standard...

Spring 2008 Search Marketing Standard Inspires and Educates
As a contributing columnist for Search Marketing Standard, who covers usability topics for the search engine marketing industry, it’s always exciting to get my copies in the mail. A perk of being a contributor is that I get complimentary magazines to give away. My husband hands them out in the IT department for the company where he wor [...]

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