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Optimize to be Remembered, Design for...

Optimize to be Remembered, Design for Effortless Ease of Use
If you could have had a crystal ball in 2004, would you have known that the power of online marketing is hiding within conversations? Did you consider that the content you put on your homepage holds little salt with readers unless it can be backed up with outside information? People still want the same thing today as they did five years ago: [...]

Does the Social Web Impact Human Beha...

Does the Social Web Impact Human Behavior?
CNN’s online news site recently posted a poll that asked, “Are you tired of social networking?” When I had checked their results, it showed that 74% chose “YES.” Yet according to Inside Twitter by Alex Cheng, Mark Evans and Harshdeep Singh, after analyzing information disclosed on 11.5 million Twitters accounts, 72.5% of all users joined duri [...]

Quick Second Credibility Usability Te...

Quick Second Credibility Usability Test
In a Lance Loveday’s article called Designing For The Subconscious Mind, he described his experiences when showing two different web site pages to an audience a half second apart. He then asked the participants which web site they’d prefer to do business with. The “professional” and “credible” page won over the “small time” and “cheap.” As La [...]

How Does Your Web Site Make Visitors ...

How Does Your Web Site Make Visitors Feel?
I’ve been exploring and researching the relationship between computers and people. More specifically, I’m fascinated by web sites and how, or if, they affect us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. As a web site designer, what special power do you hold in your artistic hands? As a blogger, what kind of reaction are you seeking f [...]

Which Do You Prefer? Curl up with a B...

Which Do You Prefer? Curl up with a Book or Computer Reading Device?
Have you ever considered how different the experience of online reading is compared to scanning words printed on a dead tree? To me, the experiences are worlds apart. My life as an avid reader began with cereal boxes in the 1960’s. In those days, there was typically a small toy inside the box. The back of the box might have a game, or somethi [...]

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