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Seeking SEO’s Who Accept Small ...

Seeking SEO’s Who Accept Small Business Clients
I’m gathering information on people and companies who provide search engine marketing and online marketing services for small businesses and start-ups with limited budgets. Enter your company information here. There is a need for affordable, reputable SEO’s who have a passion for helping their clients and will never rip them off. [...]

SEO Future Article Lacks Balance and ...

SEO Future Article Lacks Balance and Leadership
If you are a newcomer to SEO and read a recent article on the future of SEO you would discover there are 16 “expert, industry veterans” in SEO and they are men. The article, Expert Insights On The Future Of SEO, Part 1, is taking some heat for its featuring men. For me, the issue isn’t about gender. That was the trigger. The [...]

Discussion Picks: Is SEO Ethical?

Discussion Picks: Is SEO Ethical?
What is SEO? Is SEO Ethical? Nearly 20 years later and the question remains a hot discussion topic. What is an SEO? Webmasterworld takes a fun frolick on the ethics, in Is All SEO Unethical?. My point was that all SEO except the purest WH, is unethical as it deliberately causes harm to other sites. For any SEO to work, the main goal is to kno [...]

Usability or SEO: Whose Side Are You...

There remains an ocean between human factors/usability/user experience design and testing and search engine optimization, marketing and internet marketing practices, with no bridge to cross over. What’s worse, few are willing to build that bridge.  Perhaps it’s because every time someone starts to they are tossed into the ocean or [...]

Hey Web Site Owners, You STILL Get Wh...

Hey Web Site Owners, You STILL Get What You Pay For
I was struck by Jordan Kastler’s The Hidden Cost Of Cheap SEO & Social Media Labor because I wrote about this in the 1990’s. In fact, my article caught the eye of a local newspaper reporter who later interviewed me about my new business and rather forceful writings. He promoted what I wrote about Yahoo! where I stated, ̶ [...]

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