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Dear SEO.  It’s About Ego, Not Ethics

SEO and Ethics
Several years ago I listened to a talk at a search engine marketing conference where the speaker insisted that whatever we were charging, triple it. I kept waiting for the presenter to talk about why our fees should increase that much.  No reason was offered other than, “You are not charging enough.”  I was still doing SEO work along with web [...]

Discussion Picks: Is SEO Ethical?

Discussion Picks: Is SEO Ethical?
What is SEO? Is SEO Ethical? Nearly 20 years later and the question remains a hot discussion topic. What is an SEO? Webmasterworld takes a fun frolick on the ethics, in Is All SEO Unethical?. My point was that all SEO except the purest WH, is unethical as it deliberately causes harm to other sites. For any SEO to work, the main goal is to kno [...]

No. I Will NOT Respond to Your Disavo...

No. I Will NOT Respond to Your Disavow Link Paranoia.  Bug Off!
Google has created a circus of sad-faced SEO clowns jumping through hoops trying to get rid of “bad” links to their web sites. This is why I never ever chose to be a slave to search engines and chose the human side of the web experience over the algorithm changing lead-line approach where every site owner is pulled along under th [...]

SES NY Speaker Deadlines and Pre-Agen...

SES NY Speaker Deadlines and Pre-Agenda Pricing
Today is the last day for pre-agenda discount pricing for those heading for the New York Search Engine Strategies conference in March. The New York conference is very popular, with education, training and networking opportunities in abundance. This is not one to miss! Register today for your pre-agenda pricing, plus another 20% discount. They [...]

UX and SEO Blog and Web Finds

UX and SEO Blog and Web Finds
I’m an information junkie with a gigantic range of topics I follow – some of which might surprise you, so I don’t share THAT. Here are some of my recommended reads because they impressed me and taught me something new. By the way, did you know that if you press on a BlueJay’s blue wing, the color disappears? That̵ [...]

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