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36 Ecommerce Website Changes That Wil...

Retail Sale
Is your website ready for the holiday season?  Do you sell products online?  Are you sure your site is user friendly and persuasive? The objective of this checklist is to provide you with assistance in making sure your website is ready to generate revenue.  Each item is intended to support your online marketing investment by increasing the ov [...]

Still Raising Funds for Dana Lookadoo...

Dana on her bike
Last year I was at PubCon.  That was the last time I would see Dana Lookadoo.  One minute she was snapping pictures at the Epic Dinner and the next moment severely injured with a broken neck and spine. One night we were laughing like school girls, sharing information on alternative healing methods and the next minute, she is told she may neve [...]

Dear SEO.  It’s About Ego, Not Ethics

SEO and Ethics
Several years ago I listened to a talk at a search engine marketing conference where the speaker insisted that whatever we were charging, triple it. I kept waiting for the presenter to talk about why our fees should increase that much.  No reason was offered other than, “You are not charging enough.”  I was still doing SEO work along with web [...]

Seeking SEO’s Who Accept Small ...

Seeking SEO’s Who Accept Small Business Clients
I’m gathering information on people and companies who provide search engine marketing and online marketing services for small businesses and start-ups with limited budgets. Enter your company information here. There is a need for affordable, reputable SEO’s who have a passion for helping their clients and will never rip them off. [...]

SEO Future Article Lacks Balance and ...

SEO Future Article Lacks Balance and Leadership
If you are a newcomer to SEO and read a recent article on the future of SEO you would discover there are 16 “expert, industry veterans” in SEO and they are men. The article, Expert Insights On The Future Of SEO, Part 1, is taking some heat for its featuring men. For me, the issue isn’t about gender. That was the trigger. The [...]

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