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Recommended Reading for Ecommerce Sit...

Recommended Reading for Ecommerce Sites – Checkout Design Usability Data
IF you own or are working on an ecommerce website and have questions about user interface that converts, you may like The State Of E-Commerce Checkout Design 2012 Here’s a walkthrough of just a handful of the interesting stats we’ve found when benchmarking the top 100 grossing e-commerce websites’ checkout processes: The average checkout [...]

Does Your Web Site Content Influence ...

Does Your Web Site Content Influence Action?
The science of usability goes far beyond navigation logic and decorated links. User experience includes making a lasting impression, which helps with word-of-mouth marketing. Is the site clear about its objectives? Does each page motivate you to read more? Does the site content influence action? As in dating, we think that to make a good firs [...]

Quick Second Credibility Usability Te...

Quick Second Credibility Usability Test
In a Lance Loveday’s article called Designing For The Subconscious Mind, he described his experiences when showing two different web site pages to an audience a half second apart. He then asked the participants which web site they’d prefer to do business with. The “professional” and “credible” page won over the “small time” and “cheap.” As La [...]

No Guidance, No Interaction, No Sale:...

No Guidance, No Interaction, No Sale: Improving Internet Shopping Usability
A good friend recently told me a story about how a company built a web site that needed user instructions to use it. The only page that was allowed to put a link to those instructions was the homepage. Therefore, should a visitor arrive via a search engine to a landing page within the web site, they were out of luck. No guidance, no interacti [...]

Simple Tips for Selling Womens Gifts ...

Simple Tips for Selling Womens Gifts Online
With Mother’s Day coming, as well as the April hot weather wake-up call for summer here in the East coast of the USA, where we hit over 90 degree weather, I thought I’d address web sites that sell beauty products and/or target women. Women are big gift givers.  Case in point is myself and my recent attempts to surprise a generous [...]

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