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Greetings from SES San Francisco: My ...

Greetings from SES San Francisco: My Favorite Photos (so far)
I’m in San Francisco this week for Connected Marketing Week and Search Engine Strategies, San Francisco, 2011, blogging for Libeck Integrated Marketing, where I am a Usability/SEO/Project Manager. The next few days I’ll be bringing you some coverage of a few sessions (there are over 200!), and my favorite photos. So to start with [...]

Have You Seen My Glasses?

Have You Seen My Glasses?
My knee surgery led to my getting a bad head cold, which made me sleep a lot. Once, I fell asleep and my adorable new puppy, Kynya, chewed up my $300 eyeglasses with the special lenses. It is through my fashionable, beat up frames that I share with you now. If you want to live well and not die prematurely, you MUST read this book. Says Steph [...]

Look at the Usability, SEO, Web Desig...

Look at the Usability, SEO, Web Design and Cool Stuff I Saved Up For You
Every town should have a winning team and Philadelphia is no different. Traditionally, our sports teams get whisper-close to huge wins and then crap out in the last seconds. Tonight, nobody is breathing anywhere near Philadelphia. If the Phillies beat the Tampa Bay Rays tonight, no cheese steak is safe. To celebrate any excuse to root on t [...]

Cre8asiteforums News, SEL, Key Releva...

Cre8asiteforums News, SEL, Key Relevance Coverage, Marketing Right Now
Is it just me, or is everything feeling very strange lately? Good friends are literally being beat up online and their reputations taking serious blows.  I visualize a slight breeze, picnic lunch with wine, beer and good friends under a big spreading oak tree and deciding which puffy clouds look like cows in the sky… Marketing Right No [...]

Interview with Sugarrae, How to Fight...

Interview with Sugarrae, How to Fight Nice, and Getting Sued for Negative Publicity Online
I’m pleased with how my Interview with Rae Hoffman aka “Sugarrae” went. I’m a working mother with spouse, house, pets, and lots of commitments and responsibilities. I’ve long dreamed of having my own office outside my home. Rae has achieved milestones and worked harder than most might in her set of circumstance [...]

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