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Conversions and Gurus Rant

Conversions and Gurus Rant
It’s time for me to back away from the Internet again. ┬áThe things that some SEO’s say and do are as obnoxious as the situation was during the birth of the public Internet. Give us a break! Gurus If you are to believe the claims, there are at least 2 billion SEO self-proclaimed “guru” SEO’s on the planet. ┬áThis m [...]

Angelina’s Leg and User Friendl...

Angelina’s Leg and User Friendly Web Design
In case you missed it, Angelina Jolie made quite the impression at the recent Oscars by showing off her right leg. One small act was a marketing sensation. Would it not be truly incredible if web designers were able to find and flaunt their web site’s sweet spot, I wondered? (Because of course, I see a woman’s leg and immediatel [...]

Capitol One Owns CNN

Capitol One Owns CNN
Banner blindness? How about the practice of owning a web site’s real estate and holding it hostage in the name of marketing? CNN.com does this often and each time I wonder at the logic of placing 3, 4, 5 or more ads from the same company on a homepage. Click images for a better view. Isn’t this a bit overkill?

Treat Yourself to the Affordable Onli...

Treat Yourself to the Affordable Online Media Boot Camp
Nothing beats affordable training with reputable teachers and that’s just what’s coming up on November 3, 2011 at the Online Media Boot Camp. Held in the historical Valley Forge area outside Philadelphia, in King of Prussia, PA, you’ll be treated to a day of sessions offered by three lively ladies who love to teach. Liana E [...]

Internet Marketing Awards and Contest...

Internet Marketing Awards and Contests Do Not Cover Entire Industry
Being recognized by one’s peers can be a happy moment. It’s far better than being ignored. But what happens when your name appears on a winner’s list and you don’t know why it got there? What about awards lists that name people you know don’t deserve to be there or there are exceptional people who were left off [...]

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