Still Raising Funds for Dana Lookadoo, SEO Injured in Bike Accident

Last year I was at PubCon.  That was the last time I would see Dana Lookadoo.  One minute she was snapping pictures at the Epic Dinner and the next moment severely injured with a broken neck and spine.

One night we were laughing like school girls, sharing information on alternative healing methods and the next minute, she is told she may never walk again.  One night we were chatting with friends and eating together in a Las Vegas hotel and the next minute, she can barely use her hands.

Dana on her bikeI’m on the east coast, too far away to be sitting next to her with my Reiki healing hands and stupid jokes, but believe me, I desperately want to be doing that.  I want to witness her smile that has always lit up rooms and hallways at conferences.  I want to hear every story possible about anything that Dana has to say because she is a colleague I admire and woman warrior I respect even more.

With an increase in her pain level, decreased use of her hands, frequent trips to the emergency room and constant need for more tests that most often bring back discouraging news, I began to wonder if it were me, would I be so strong?  Would I, already in constant pain from arthritis in my spine, neck and knees, have what it takes to deal with pain levels that are a constant 10 plus?  Would anyone care if I hurt? Would anyone care if medical expenses were so bad my house would be lost?

Prayers are there to give her hope.  The more I learn about physics and energy healing in my other life outside my career, the more I understand that everyone’s prayers send her healing in forms we don’t see with our eyes, but are there regardless.  Dana reports that she responds to prayers.  She is ultra-sensitive.  I knew that the moment I first met her.  She knows how to help herself but it is frustrating to focus on one’s injured body when it is reacting and fighting to heal.

I decided to send Dana part of my earnings to help with her medical expenses.  I’m not wealthy, and really, since starting all over again with my new company, I’m certainly not really in any financial position to give money away.  I didn’t go to Pubcon this year .

In the hospitalNovember will mark one year since Dana’s life changed.    She wants to walk and ride her bike again.  It will take a lot of healthcare and rehab to get there.

I am upping the incentive to encourage website owners to participate in this fundraiser.  I will pay you $50 for every Special Review you sell from the three special fundraiser deals below, or 10% referral fee for every large project in which I am hired, where I am also donating 25% of my fee to Dana. This means my take is $150 or 35% less than I would normally earn.

If you want to help raise money for Dana, here is how:

Usability Reviews Fund Raiser for Dana Lookadoo

It’s hard for her to keep up with her journal but she does try to keep her friends up to date on her progress in Facebook in Updates on Dana.

EARLIER: Spent 3 hours for a 1/2 hour appointment with spinal cord specialist at UC Davis Medical Center. Learned that it appears I have additional damage to my spinal cord and that my increased pain is increasing my muscle spasms. ‪#‎NoTearsAllowed‬

Treatment: see neurosurgeon, pain management specialist, and urologist; alternate drugs, physical therapy, do biofeedback, and other modalities to decrease the perception of pain.

Even though it’s unfortunate about the huge setbacks, they said I’m doing well given the extent of my injuries. Have to admit this is hard to take given decreased mobility and function and that most of my time is spent in pain management mode.

Believing in miracles and not giving up! ‪#‎PressingOn‬

Taking It Up a Notch

One of the most frustrating parts of watching Kim do her thing is watching her doubt herself.  I know I torture my friends and family as they see in me what I have been unable to.

That ended when I learned some harsh truths and had the chance to step away from the keyboard and Internet to listen, review and take stock of a lot of stuff.  One of the more shocking realizations was the clear, screaming reminder that I know my job, what my career is about, what my legacy will be and any attempts to squash me make me insane.

I love my work.  It chose me.  I had no idea I had the empathy necessary for usability work.  I just felt what was wrong about a web page and was restless, antsy and frustrated when an employer forced me to ignore my knowingness.   Only once in my life did I find myself working for a company that saw my gift and invested in training me to make it blossom.  I created proprietary methods for doing my work then, simply because they encouraged me to do so.

Today, I have returned to that place of creativity in my work.

The past several weeks have been busy, as I am working on a gigantic To Do list of plans, while taking on new client work I never dreamed I would be getting.   More importantly, I’m getting outside and offline, pursuing personal things I could not do when I was not my own boss.  My health went severely downhill the past 2 years and one of the first items on my list has been to get healthy.  To beat diabetes and my arthritis pain that is throughout my spine and knees, I have to stop working several times during the daytime to exercise.  I have to meditate.   Now trained in Reiki, I can work on my pain when I need to.  My Tai Chi classes can be taken during the daytime and evening.  We moved to where there is a walking path behind our house.  These luxuries are available because I am my own boss.

New company coming soon.My new company has been registered and new business cards ordered.  It is time to do what my family and friends have always believed I could do.  My new company is an LLC, and I am taking some of my friends along with me on this venture.  Of course, one of the first comments sent to this new website was a complaint by someone who hates the bloated code for this non-custom site.  As always, there are those who pass judgement on matters that are none of their business.  I  never claimed I built this site from scratch.  I have five websites that I maintain or own.  I could hand code a responsive site, or do client work.  Most self employed people need to work to pay their bills.

I’m having a blast.  Thank you to my friends for your support, especially those of you who always believed.

Kim Krause Berg Launches Directory

Kim head shotAfter putting in so many hours on the new UsabilityandSEO site, I find I am having stage fright about announcing it.  For starters, it is a huge undertaking just getting it to function, and then I worry nobody will like it.

I have a nephew, a local popular artist who paints gigantic life scenes on large, several feet wide canvas with swirls of colors.  To some people, they look at a piece and see what might be more like a child finger painting a wall.  And yet, if you stand back to look, you can see the people, buildings, cars, trees, water, sky and whatever else he put in there.  The more you are still and gaze at a painting, the more you feel drawn into it, as if you are suddenly part of the experience.

As much as I wish to make websites like that, I am not an artist. I do like to think that someday I might crack the code of what I call “kindness experience design”, which is what we all deserve when we go to any website.

As an advocate for people who use websites, I am not without a keen understanding of what it takes to make them and I am in no way a gifted designer.  I know what to do but I’m clumsy with a paint brush, which is to say I am dangerous with HTML5 and CSS3, not to mention Photoshop.

To do my job, which is mostly site reviews, I guide and teach but am also well aware that someone else can do a much better implementing my advice than I can.

For when I try to work with clay, the sides fall down.  I admire potters.  I have a deep respect for designers who make amazing things happen with code.

When I try to make a website, I try themes and then hand coding responsive code and themes again and hand coding and finally get fed up and think I’m making the whole process harder than it needs to be.  And then I remember my old Cre8pc sites.  They were hysterically awful and yet people liked what I put in them.

I hope that legacy continues. Directory is dedicated to the people who are great at what they do, those who are trying to do great work and the joy I get out of promoting  great people, companies, products and resources.

Kim Krause Berg aka Cre8pc Changes Course

Since leaving Internet Marketing Ninjas, I have not only returned to the work I love, but am taking some new and different turns with my life. First, I am deeply grateful to my closest friends and family for holding me up and reminding me that I matter. Every day, in my heart, I am thanking you.

Kim with cameraCre8pc

Next, this site is going to turn into a hobby site and travel all the way back to its roots to 1996, when its name was born. Cre8pc means “create peace”. I hope to find people on our planet who love Earth and wish the humans who live on it would get their act together before we destroy it and each other.

Kim Krause Berg

My passion for creating good things for people translates well into the usability work I do, and especially, why I do it. I care about the people who use websites. I care about the people who want a website. You can find me now at

Secrets For The Wind

My daughter and I started Secretsforthewind together and let it go to sleep. We are in the process of bringing it back, along with help from my son and other family members. We eat organically, use products as pure and simple as possible, have long used alternative healing methods and you will find all manner of Native American and Buddhist stuff around the house. There is also a hard core sports and workout fanatic, college student heading to the Navy, another headed for the Marines and someone who works with drug addicts every day, all with ideas and experiences to share from their point in life. I’m excited about what we are planning for that site and the goodies we will share with you for purchase – including yours. Yes. You heard me. Stay tuned.

Another New Site

With the help of one of my friends, Cre8pc content will move to a new home.  The domain and server are ready.  Stay tuned for when that launches.  I am looking for companies with SEO and Usability software applications and tools to sell to be included in this new site.  Tell me about what you have here.


I am studying to be a Reiki healer. My daughter will be starting her own alternative healing practice and we wish to bring together our vast interests and studies. My leanings towards Native American spirituality are calling me again.

Tech and Digital Overload

Finding the best way to fit in everything I love to do has been a challenge. Some of my friends have left their companies to essentially wind things down and get their lives back. When you work in the tech industry, the effort it takes to keep up is tremendous and exhausting. Competition can mean destroying anyone in your path and using people to get what you want. Companies that don’t invest in their employees, care about their health and well being, monitor their every breath and refuse to nourish growth and creativity are zapping the life out of tech workers. For me, work meant never stopping to eat, getting exercise, and always needing to be plugged in. Even on camping trips, the campground had to have an Internet hookup plus water and power.

I am turning off the digital. Walking outside whenever I want. Spending time with my family and friends, who for so many years complained about not seeing me. Slowing it all down. Remembering to breathe. Having reasons to laugh. That last one is my favorite reason.

Follow my smile if you want to find me.

Happy Kim

True Internet Pioneer

An old friend wrote on my Facebook page, when I said I selling this site, “You are a true internet pioneer.”  And then others wrote to me.  Real friends.  Encouraging friends.

But what really got to me was the unhappy smile from my daughter when she learned I wanted to sell this site.  You see, this web site was launched when I was facing being a homeless single mom of two young children.  This website saved my life, several times.  The up-all-night working hours, while my kids slept on K-mart cushions (I could not afford beds) moonlighting in SEO, while working to earn my spot for a real job that paid enough for us to survive…this is the site that made that dream come true.

This is the site that taught SEO in the 1990’s.  It taught how to get sites into search engines, when there was a big pile of them to play with.  This is the website that became a blog in 2002, helping me build a private consulting business in web site usability testing.  It paid for my kids clothes, prom dresses, their car insurance, their sports equipment and contributed to their college payments.

They saw me go from working for a crazy boss who did not believe that his only webmaster, who built, maintained and got his 13 websites into search engines, deserved to be paid $5.00 and when I asked for a raise, since I was earning below poverty level, I was laid off.

They watched me fight my way to real jobs, with famous companies.  At one of them, I had an incredible manager who believed in me and encouraged me to keep learning, growing and from that, I developed my own usability testing methodology to go with the SEO I knew backwards and forwards.  His influence was my bright star.  It led me to other mentors and then clients who loved my work.  I remember them all and am grateful to them to this day.

This site sustained me when I needed a place to write.  It kept me out there, in case someone needed affordable help.  I never charged what I was worth.  In fact, that became part of my brand.

Because for me, it was never about getting rich.

For me, my kids needed beds. I won’t sell this site.  It has a story to tell.  I haven’t figured out how to tell it yet.

Maybe I will have grand kids someday.

They will like these balloons.
In my happy place