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Andy Beal Interviews Kim Krause Berg,...

Andy Beal Interviews Kim Krause Berg, Usability Analyst for Internet Marketing Ninjas
The new series, The Beal Deal, features interviews by Andy Beal that are run on Saturday’s for a relaxing read.  Today’s post features my interview. Andy has known me for most of my career.  We’ve “grown up” in this biz together.  In fact, Andy was one of the handful of people in the search marketing industry who [...]

Developing Requirements Documentation...

Developing Requirements Documentation for Your Web Site
When I brought up the topic of requirements gathering and documentation during a talk at SMX East last year, I was stunned at the positive response that followed. Clearly, not enough attention on web site planning is discussed or taught. Segments are, such as the navigation or content. User interface is debated. Goals are tossed about but s [...]

Meet Pierre Far, of Cli.gs, on Video

Meet Pierre Far, of Cli.gs, on Video
This past weekend I took my family up to NYC to have lunch with Pierre Far of Cli.gs and Chris and Danielle Winfield of 10e20.com. If you’re a fan of this short URL application (and who isn’t?), I’d like you to meet its inventor, Pierre Far. If you haven’t discovered social media experts (it’s true!), Chris and [...]

The Inspirational Conscientious Digit...

The Inspirational Conscientious Digital Marketer, BJ Cook
I’ve known BJ Cook for so long that I can’t remember anymore how or when we met online. You may remember him from SuggestionBox. What keeps me interested in BJ’s projects are his dedication to being not only an entrepreneur, but also a promoter of green marketing. His social media and networking skills, wrapped with his ye [...]

Kim Krause Berg Interviews Future Now...

Kim Krause Berg Interviews Future Now’s Holly Buchanan
When it comes to marketing to women on the Internet, there’s only one person I turn to for advice and insight, and that’s Holly Buchanan. When she and Michelle Miller wrote The Soccer Mom Myth, Today’s Female Consumer: Who She Really Is, Why She Really Buys, I couldn’t get my hands on the book fast enough. Adding to t [...]

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