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Does the Social Web Impact Human Beha...

Does the Social Web Impact Human Behavior?
CNN’s online news site recently posted a poll that asked, “Are you tired of social networking?” When I had checked their results, it showed that 74% chose “YES.” Yet according to Inside Twitter by Alex Cheng, Mark Evans and Harshdeep Singh, after analyzing information disclosed on 11.5 million Twitters accounts, 72.5% of all users joined duri [...]

People Paid to Post Misleading Inform...

People Paid to Post Misleading Information on the Internet Is a Global Practice
The practice of marketing companies paying armies of people to post misleading, false information on blogs, forums and social sites is expanding globally. While the practice can be used to post fake positive reviews for pay, for example, more often these paid posts are intended to destroy competition. I’ve been getting unsolicited calls [...]

Does Technology or the Internet Make ...

Does Technology or the Internet Make People LESS Connected?
I was recently witness to a debate at a local gathering that began when one man angrily claimed that people who live on their cell phones and laptops are “selfish” and “not connected with people”. His statement turned into a long discussion with people as young as a woman in her early 20’s to a gentleman in his 7 [...]

Making an Impression on the Internet

Making an Impression on the Internet
There was a line once from a TV commercial that went, “If you want to capture someone’s attention, whisper.” Such a method may not work on the Internet. Save Forums I was curious to find where the new generation of search engine marketers and website designers are these days. I also wanted to know if the talented and skille [...]

Internet Marketing Awards and Contest...

Internet Marketing Awards and Contests Do Not Cover Entire Industry
Being recognized by one’s peers can be a happy moment. It’s far better than being ignored. But what happens when your name appears on a winner’s list and you don’t know why it got there? What about awards lists that name people you know don’t deserve to be there or there are exceptional people who were left off [...]

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