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The Most Amazing List For Web Standar...

The Most Amazing List For Web Standards And Best Practices You’ll Ever Find
Have I got the list of lists for you. Are you looking for the very best list of authoritative standards sites? Prepare web site goals by researching web standards.One of my most favorite persons, “iamlost” (sure, he has a real name but this one is so cute) just posted the list to beat all lists at Cre8asiteforums. It goes into [...]

A New Way to Navigate Web Pages (Mayb...

A New Way to Navigate Web Pages (Maybe)
Two hurdles web designers face when designing web sites are how to setup the information architecture and from there, create easy to understand navigation. Hopefully, an easy to understand navigation scheme also means easy to use. But, should we really have to THINK about navigation? I don’t want to. I want to be able to scan words that [...]

Does the Social Web Impact Human Beha...

Does the Social Web Impact Human Behavior?
CNN’s online news site recently posted a poll that asked, “Are you tired of social networking?” When I had checked their results, it showed that 74% chose “YES.” Yet according to Inside Twitter by Alex Cheng, Mark Evans and Harshdeep Singh, after analyzing information disclosed on 11.5 million Twitters accounts, 72.5% of all users joined duri [...]

Angelina’s Leg and User Friendl...

Angelina’s Leg and User Friendly Web Design
In case you missed it, Angelina Jolie made quite the impression at the recent Oscars by showing off her right leg. One small act was a marketing sensation. Would it not be truly incredible if web designers were able to find and flaunt their web site’s sweet spot, I wondered? (Because of course, I see a woman’s leg and immediatel [...]

Sneak Preview: Emotional Design and A...

Sneak Preview: Emotional Design and Affective Computing
According to popular prejudice, women embody ‘emotion’ and ‘irrationality’ whereas men embody ‘rationality’ and ‘objectivity’. As such, designing for emotions/affect stir up gender issues. Are women better designers of technology which uses emotion and affect? Affective Computing, Affective Inte [...]

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