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She Has Something to Do With Web Site...

She Has Something to Do With Web Sites
This year my family went out in all directions for Thanksgiving. My husband, Eric, and I went to my Mom and Dad’s for dinner. Not 5 minutes into the meal, Dad asks, “What is it. Again. That you do again?” My sister, her son and my mom also had “some idea”. Eric took a stab at it. After his elevator speech, my [...]

Intuit Web Site Setup Service Mislead...

Intuit Web Site Setup Service Misleading
I would like to thank Intuit for their hard work in bringing me new clients. It came as quite a surprise that you support my web site usability and SEO services. Imagine my surprise when I flipped on the boob tube for several minutes while making tea from the comfort of my (very busy!) home office and there you were, all professional soundin [...]

Is it Usability or Adaptability?

Is it Usability or Adaptability?
As someone who is technically blind without my eyeglasses or contacts for correction, sometimes I feel like the forgotten user. The spectrum of usage for sight usability seems to be there is the perfect experience designed for those with 20/20 vision and on the other end, tools and code to make web pages accessible to those who can not see. I [...]

Online Reputation Management: What Go...

Online Reputation Management: What Goes Around May Be Total Crap
I’ve been studying physics. For me to understand any of the science and newer theories, such as “string theory”, I try to picture it in my head. Have you tried to imagine what a blown apart atom looks like or the so-called “11 dimensions” that string theory strives to prove? Why do I even care? Have you noticed how one dimensional social n [...]

SEO and Usability: Be That Stallion ...

SEO and Usability:  Be That Stallion and Round Up The Herd
As more and more people jump on the SEO and Usability bandwagon and write about it, a few different arguments are presented. In some, one set of skills is more important than the other, or “first”. For others, one can’t live without the other. Still others think they have a purpose together and create new terms for practici [...]

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