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Please Wait While We Try to Find a Ce...

Please Wait While We Try to Find a Cell Phone Tower
Before the brakes went out on our motorhome, we had gotten lost.  For reasons we still don’t understand, I was calm about the brake loss part.  What I was totally freaking out about was relying on Internet technology to help us. The idea was offered by our friendly motor home dealer, who took our older Class C motor home in need of a ne [...]

Create Peace and a Loving Holiday; Me...

Create Peace and a Loving Holiday; Meet Puppy
“Tis the season to wear myself down to sheer exhaustion and still not get everything done that I have in my head I “need” to do. I’m slipping into the family-dimension of visits, gifts and wine. Of seeing family I only get to see once a year. Of naming a new puppy. The ordeal of losing our puppy, Winnie, a few months [...]

It’s Spring at My House

It’s Spring at My House
This was my giggle for the day. I’m on the Board of Directors for my town’s baseball Little League. My role is their head webmaster. There’s me and a few others who pitch in during the busy season, keeping up with scores, schedules, etc. All of us, of course, are volunteers. Registration for the 2009 Spring season starts [...]

Moving Right Along

Moving Right Along
What a wild year. I hit an age milestone and one child has grown up and is training me on how to be the mother of someone who has her own car, job, boyfriend and still never makes her bed. School is almost out for the summer. Already my son finished the baseball season for team number one, and now he’s on his second team, where they p [...]

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day
I’m back from many things. Dealing with family members who need me. Losing my host, and thus, this blog for awhile. Being a mom, raising happy kids, running a business, and being a sane wife are constant lessons. I had a great day today. We caught it on film. Holidays don’t stand in our way at Cre8tive Flow. We posted our weekly [...]

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