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36 Ecommerce Website Changes That Wil...

Retail Sale
Is your website ready for the holiday season?  Do you sell products online?  Are you sure your site is user friendly and persuasive? The objective of this checklist is to provide you with assistance in making sure your website is ready to generate revenue.  Each item is intended to support your online marketing investment by increasing the ov [...]

Free Download: Holiday Conversions Ti...

Still looking for last minute ideas to increase your ecommerce sales?  Fresh ideas? Are you sure you covered every possible persuasive design angle for your holiday promotions? This past Tuesday Shawna Seigel interviewed me during her regular show, eCom Experts.  In addition to the suggestions and examples from the broadcast, I offered a free [...]

Revenge of the User Friendly Web Site

Revenge of the User Friendly Web Site
When Google’s Matt Cutts announced that the search engine hoped to protect searchers from “bad” merchants, I jumped at the chance to help them by suggesting user friendly sites. But, as I wrote today in Google Needs Proof Your Business is “Good” or Rank Will Tumble Down for Internet Marketing Ninjas, if Fortune 100 – 5 [...]

Recommended Reading for Ecommerce Sit...

Recommended Reading for Ecommerce Sites – Checkout Design Usability Data
IF you own or are working on an ecommerce website and have questions about user interface that converts, you may like The State Of E-Commerce Checkout Design 2012 Here’s a walkthrough of just a handful of the interesting stats we’ve found when benchmarking the top 100 grossing e-commerce websites’ checkout processes: The average checkout [...]

Optimize to be Remembered, Design for...

Optimize to be Remembered, Design for Effortless Ease of Use
If you could have had a crystal ball in 2004, would you have known that the power of online marketing is hiding within conversations? Did you consider that the content you put on your homepage holds little salt with readers unless it can be backed up with outside information? People still want the same thing today as they did five years ago: [...]

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