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Kim Krause Berg aka Cre8pc Changes Co...

Since leaving Internet Marketing Ninjas, I have not only returned to the work I love, but am taking some new and different turns with my life. First, I am deeply grateful to my closest friends and family for holding me up and reminding me that I matter. Every day, in my heart, I am thanking you. Cre8pc Next, this site is going to turn into a [...]

True Internet Pioneer

In my happy place
An old friend wrote on my Facebook page, when I said I selling this site, “You are a true internet pioneer.”  And then others wrote to me.  Real friends.  Encouraging friends. But what really got to me was the unhappy smile from my daughter when she learned I wanted to sell this site.  You see, this web site was launched when I wa [...]

Holistic SEO and Usability and Cre8pc...

Kim at Pubcon
For the nearly 20 years that I have been building, optimizing and testing websites, there are always those people who think I’m a weeny who knows nothing. This recent testimonial, written by a someone I have known for a long time, came as a surprise.  I know what makes a website work for ALL people, not just those who own the site.  I a [...]

Create Peace

create peace

Affordable Advertising Right Under Yo...

Affordable Advertising Right Under Your Nose
Is your business known for its compassion or getting money no matter what or how?  What do people think of when they see your brand?  Generosity? Out of touch? Affordable advertising opportunities are everywhere in plain view for local businesses to take advantage of or big corporations to show a different side of their company.  The solution [...]

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