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Holistic SEO and Usability and Cre8pc...

Kim at Pubcon
For the nearly 20 years that I have been building, optimizing and testing websites, there are always those people who think I’m a weeny who knows nothing. This recent testimonial, written by a someone I have known for a long time, came as a surprise.  I know what makes a website work for ALL people, not just those who own the site.  I a [...]

Cre8asiteforums 15th Anniversary

For the past 15 years I’ve been devoted to a vibrant online community called Cre8asiteforums. Every day, night, weekends and holidays the forums has been part of my life. This week we launch our first newsletter, called Cre8tive Way, and our first Google Hangout. It’s an exciting time to be part of a large web design and marketing [...]

Free Webmaster Tools

Free Webmaster Tools
Are you a lover of tools to make your job easier?  Cre8asiteforums recently added an entire page filled with them! Check it out here: Free Webmaster Tools

Checking In At Cre8pc

Checking In At Cre8pc
Remember me?  Me neither.  Somewhere in the flurry of becoming an employee rather than a consultant I went from being busy to being overwhelmed with work. As some of you know, I founded Cre8asiteforums and in October of 2012 it was sold to Internet Marketing Ninjas.  I came along with it, so part of my work is focused on growing the Cre8tive [...]

Andy Beal Interviews Kim Krause Berg,...

Andy Beal Interviews Kim Krause Berg, Usability Analyst for Internet Marketing Ninjas
The new series, The Beal Deal, features interviews by Andy Beal that are run on Saturday’s for a relaxing read.  Today’s post features my interview. Andy has known me for most of my career.  We’ve “grown up” in this biz together.  In fact, Andy was one of the handful of people in the search marketing industry who [...]

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