UX Futures – Unbelievably Affordable 1 Day Event

I enjoy, use and recommend Rosenfeld Media for learning the skills used in the usability and user interface/experience design profession.  Here is a unique opportunity to listen to usability thought leaders without the need to pack, board the pets and sit in cramped planes.

UX Futures is a one day event is held on November 5 and features a day of keynotes from some of the hottest thinkers and doers in the biz.  I had to re-read the fee five times.  It’s incredibly affordable for the caliber of information they will be providing that day.

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Once in a while, it’s good to put down your wireframes and stylesheets, step back, and consider what’s next.

What might design work—and the designed world—look like in 10, 20 or 50 years? What role will we have in shaping that world? And when we look back at the impact of UX, will it be with pride or regret?

We’ve asked six brilliant thought leaders—each from very different corners of the UX world—to consider the future. Steve Krug, Jesse James Garrett, Nathan Shedroff, Abby Covert,Andy Polaine, and Margot Bloomstein will take you back and forth in time. They’ll inspire you to design for the future, and to design the future itself.

Community Building in a Social Marketing Age

If you are attending Pubcon SFIMA, I’m happy to treat you to a full hour on how to build communities on May 14, 4-5pm. You’ll benefit from my mistakes and funny experiences from 17 years of being a social web butterfly.

Regional Pubcon bannerCommunity Building in a Social Marketing Age
The venue for SFIMA is the Miniaci Performing Arts Center on the Nova Southeastern University campus in Davie, Florida

Online communities have always been used for marketing. New communities make a go of it and succeed, like PIN, and others never get off the ground. What makes a community a social networking success year after year? What do members expect from your community and how do you keep the conversation going to that everyone benefits? With over 17 years of Internet community moderating experience, I’ll share my best lessons and offer loads of takeaways for use in any type of web community.

That same day, from 1:50-2:50pm, I’m moderating Social Media Optimization & Conversion on Facebook

Social Media Marketing is a powerful industry, and Facebook is at the forefront. Listen as we explore the latest & greatest techniques for SMM on Facebook.

Kevin Scholl, Social Media Manager for Red Roof Inn is the speaker.

nola14To Know Me is to Get a Discount
In case New Orleans is more to your liking, I’m on a panel on Community building there and if you want to save some money, click the magic link below and say “hi” when you see me there.

Discount Coupon for PubCon New Orleans 2013


Discount Coupon for PubCon New Orleans 2013

discount code Code: rc-9189720 for PubCon New Orleans

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Knowing me has its perks.  If you want to go to PubCon New Orleans in April and love a bargain, I have the secret 20% off code for your Gold or Platinum pass.

Please say you’ll come.  I’m speaking but the rest of the time I’ll be taking pictures of all the exciting everything’s, from people to New Orleans itself.  Look for me at the Internet Marketing Ninjas area in the Exhibit Hall too.  There’s always lots of cool toys and gorgeous/handsome employees to chat with there.

20% off – You have until April 5 to click to register and use this super magic code “rc-9189720″

Kim Krause Berg Speaking at Pubcon Regional SFIMA Summit Florida

I’ll be speaking at the Pubcon Regional SFIMA Summit 2013 at the Miniaci Performing Arts Center on May 14.

They’re working out the agenda but for now I can tell you it’s one day, 3 tracks and packed with exciting talks and speakers.  Here’s today’s news about it – Pubcon Regional SFIMA Summit 2013 Registration Opens And Keynotes Announced

Regional Pubcon banner

The venue is the Miniaci Performing Arts Center on the Nova Southeastern University campus in Davie, Florida.