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Blog Usability – How to Reach Your Bl...

Blog Usability – How to Reach Your Blogging Happy Place
Congratulations! You’re a blog owner. It has a catchy name. After submitting a blog post, you’re amazed at the inbound traffic. The ads in your sidebar are paying your mortgage. People recognize you on the street as that “Cool Blogger”. Next year, you’ll retire to some tropical island because your blog success is like winning the lottery. Or [...]

On a WordPress Kick

On a WordPress Kick
I’ve been teaching myself new things lately and one of them is getting away from the Thesis theme I traditionally use, and trying out other blog themes. That’s why this site looks different. So does Cre8asiteforums. The new forums home page is in limbo and not finished yet, but it looks far better than the previous home page did [...]

A Nice Email

A Nice Email
I received an email today that some folks might have been upset to get. It was one of those, “Do you know you have something in your teeth?” moments. Only this note was about a web site. It was brief and to the point. I don’t think I know the person. They had discovered that some images on one of my web sites isn’t ren [...]

Cre8pc Blog: Tank Not Empty Yet (Just...

Cre8pc Blog: Tank Not Empty Yet (Just Busy)
When I started the Cre8pc blog, in 2002, blogging was nowhere as popular as it is today. Back then, blogging was still related to diaries and journals and often of a personal nature. Mine has evolved as trends change. Today, it’s the leading communication device that allows me to stay in touch with readers and friends. I used to post [...]

Teetering on the Blogger’s Ledg...

Teetering on the Blogger’s Ledge
As a consultant on Search Engine Marketing and Web Site Usability, one of the suggestions I often make to companies who want to establish their online presence is to create a blog. Is this still a good idea? The seeds of blogging began in the late 1980’s when early adopters of the Internet used bulletin boards to find people and talk w [...]

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