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What a User Friendly Website Means to...

Slide from a talk
If you know me, you are aware that I have been doing what I call Holistic Usability and SEO since the year 2000.  From the moment I combined the two practices, I became a black sheep. Search engines are all about the user experience.  It is, and was, all they could do to discover how we want our information delivered to us.  Yahoo! was one of [...]

Ignore Usability Testing at Your Own ...

Ignore Usability Testing at Your Own Risk
While more web site development companies understand why human factors web design contributes to long term business and brand success, there are still those not investing and taking risks. In my latest column for Search Engine Land, I describe the risks of not performing site testing during the developmental stages of web site design. The te [...]

Web Accessibility: A Shared Responsib...

Web Accessibility: A Shared Responsibility
My friend, Joe Dolson, is my accessibility guru. Here is a new slideshow he has put up on Slideshare. Web Accessibility: A Shared Responsibility View more presentations from Joseph Dolson To learn more from Joe - Joe Dolson

Low Income Disabled Persons Prevented...

Low Income Disabled Persons Prevented From Internet Use
As a user advocate, one of my personal concerns with web design and programming is making web sites and applications accessible to everybody. That includes disabled persons and those who rely on mobile or smaller devices to use the Internet. It’s a very hard sell. While I always plant seeds with my clients, it’s a rare one that [...]

The You-Don’t-Matter Website (A...

The You-Don’t-Matter Website (A Look At Ego/Vanity Sites)
Last week I conducted a web site usability audit for a famous brand corporate web site. It never fails to amaze me why these companies don’t hire designers trained in search engine marketing and user experience design. I won’t divulge who they were. I never do that with client work because for starters, they had the brains to fin [...]

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