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Kim Krause Berg aka Cre8pc Changes Course

Since leaving Internet Marketing Ninjas, I have not only returned to the work I love, but am taking some new and different turns with my life. First, I am deeply grateful to my closest friends and family for holding me up and reminding me that I matter. Every day, in my heart, I am thanking you.

Kim with cameraCre8pc

Next, this site is going to turn into a hobby site and travel all the way back to its roots to 1996, when its name was born. Cre8pc means “create peace”. I hope to find people on our planet who love Earth and wish the humans who live on it would get their act together before we destroy it and each other.

Kim Krause Berg

My passion for creating good things for people translates well into the usability work I do, and especially, why I do it. I care about the people who use websites. I care about the people who want a website. You can find me now at KimKrauseBerg.com.

Secrets For The Wind

My daughter and I started Secretsforthewind together and let it go to sleep. We are in the process of bringing it back, along with help from my son and other family members. We eat organically, use products as pure and simple as possible, have long used alternative healing methods and you will find all manner of Native American and Buddhist stuff around the house. There is also a hard core sports and workout fanatic, college student heading to the Navy, another headed for the Marines and someone who works with drug addicts every day, all with ideas and experiences to share from their point in life. I’m excited about what we are planning for that site and the goodies we will share with you for purchase – including yours. Yes. You heard me. Stay tuned.

Another New Site

With the help of one of my friends, Cre8pc content will move to a new home.  The domain and server are ready.  Stay tuned for when that launches.  I am looking for companies with SEO and Usability software applications and tools to sell to be included in this new site.  Tell me about what you have here.


I am studying to be a Reiki healer. My daughter will be starting her own alternative healing practice and we wish to bring together our vast interests and studies. My leanings towards Native American spirituality are calling me again.

Tech and Digital Overload

Finding the best way to fit in everything I love to do has been a challenge. Some of my friends have left their companies to essentially wind things down and get their lives back. When you work in the tech industry, the effort it takes to keep up is tremendous and exhausting. Competition can mean destroying anyone in your path and using people to get what you want. Companies that don’t invest in their employees, care about their health and well being, monitor their every breath and refuse to nourish growth and creativity are zapping the life out of tech workers. For me, work meant never stopping to eat, getting exercise, and always needing to be plugged in. Even on camping trips, the campground had to have an Internet hookup plus water and power.

I am turning off the digital. Walking outside whenever I want. Spending time with my family and friends, who for so many years complained about not seeing me. Slowing it all down. Remembering to breathe. Having reasons to laugh. That last one is my favorite reason.

Follow my smile if you want to find me.

Happy Kim

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