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How to Enhance the User Experience and Conversions of Online Forms

Search Marketing Standard has re-published an article I wrote about online forms design.  If you haven’t checked your forms lately, now is a great time to do so.

Search Marketing Standard | In Rare Form: Best Practices For Online Forms

The article, called In Rare Form: Best Practices for Online Forms, is loaded with actionable advice for immediate application.

The key to designing a form that your customers will use is to build it so they can use it. Form builders tend to neglect special needs users, despite the easy availability of guidelines for accessible forms. International users are also challenged by forms not providing adequate space for complex addresses or country codes in phone numbers or worse — not indicating if they sell or respond internationally until the visitor fills out the address section. Those who wish to retain their privacy and prevent unwanted spam and phone calls are also likely to find many existing online forms not meeting their needs or wishes.

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