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The Secret to Natural Website Conversions is a Holistic Approach

I have been applying Holistic Usability and SEO practices for 13 years because the combination is powerful for building successful websites. Now, there is a book about it.

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The Secret to Natural Website Conversions, by Kim Krause Berg

Natural text is an affordable Internet marketing practice that any type of web site owner can implement and yet an enormous number of websites ignore it in lieu of sliders, images and CSS3 navigation. With under five seconds to make a connection with site visitors, your web site must present value, trust, authority, ease of use, main tasks, and answers to top questions, inspire and motivate. My book will tell you how.

The Secret to Natural Website Conversions is a free PDF download available at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Its focus is on increasing website conversions by combining usability and user experience design with organic search engine optimization techniques. This book explains how to decrease site abandonment and bounce rates, increase page views and conversions and send happy signals to search engines.

Every page has tips, advice and provides oodles of examples you can use for your own web pages. It’s also easy to read and non-technical. The Secret to Natural Website Conversions was the topic of a radio show at WebmasterRadioFM and it was such a hit there will be another show about the book.

You can listen to the podcast here at the Ecom Experts show.

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