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No. I Will NOT Respond to Your Disavow Link Paranoia. Bug Off!

Google has created a circus of sad-faced SEO clowns jumping through hoops trying to get rid of “bad” links to their web sites.

This is why I never ever chose to be a slave to search engines and chose the human side of the web experience over the algorithm changing lead-line approach where every site owner is pulled along under the threat of low rank, poor PR scores and penalization.

The first disavow link removal request I got was a “mistake”. They messed with the wrong woman. This one has me stumped.

You have the following links on your website that points to a page or pages on the site and I was wondering if it would be at all possible for you to remove it please.

The page they are referring to, Do SEO’s Bear the Burden of a Company’s Conversions? does not have a link to their site in it. It links to a great article by Jill Whalen and there were many valid, non-spammy comments on my post.

The disavow request goes on to say,

As I am sure you are aware, Google has made a number of algorithm changes this year that target link profiles and so it is necessary to place greater control on where links appear. This is no way a comment on your site; rather it is a necessary task that I must undertake.

It most definitely DOES indicate an issue with my site and this is where I get really miffed. My reputation, both when I was a SEO and later a Usability and SEO design practitioner has been 100% no spam and no stupid SEO tricks. My only mistake was using Text Link Ads software when I owned Cre8asiteforums, which is now owned by Jim Boykin at Internet Marketing Ninjas. The forums was penalized by a drop in PR score for having, if I remember right, one or two text links at the bottom of one page. I allowed those links because of my friendship to the application developers and Google slapped me on the wrist for it.

There are, of course, countless cases where sites need to go back and erase years of bad behavior. All I can do is recall all my warnings to clients who kept buying high priced links or before that practice, believed in link farms, micro-sites and reciprocal links with sites that had no logical relationship.

I didn’t do that stuff because being fake doesn’t impress me in life or the Internet.

Grandma with gun

Bug Off Disavow Hounds!

To those of you who earn money by hounding site owners for crimes against Google we didn’t commit – it’s your Karma. Do your research before sending out your link removal requests.

I linked to articles I LIKED and have no intention of hunting through a database with 11 years worth of posts to remove one of your’s because Google is pointing a gun at your head.

See also Jackassery – Disavow Toolto discuss at Cre8asiteforums.

Aaron Wall at SEO Book posted on the disavow tool and link removal requests and refers to google’s antics as “jackassery.”

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