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Web Site Usability Rant

Sooner or later the one last hope for a successful web site design is slashed by managers who, frankly, have no freaking idea what they’re doing.  People don’t use web sites. Bots do!

Knight in armourAnd with visions of search engine bots dancing in their heads, they ride into  budget meetings like Knights fighting for Camelot, swearing allegiance to shareholders and the mighty King CEO.  Because, you see, throwing money on PPC campaigns is sorta like sprinkling fairy dust across the land and expecting riches, the loyalty of the peasant  web site users and a brand with such achievements and glory it’s remembered for centuries to come.

And then there is you and me.  All we ever asked for is a web site we could use without pain and suffering, confusion and frustration, in sickness and in health, and all that.  We’re busy.  We’re human, and therefore we come to each web site in our underwear, on a train, hiding under the covers in bed, waiting for a plane, or making homemade soup from a recipe on the laptop monitor sitting by the cutting board.  We’re old, blind, deaf, sick, injured, and by golly, still here damn it.

In Terms Even The Big People Might Understand

Thinking that perhaps The Deciders are confused over complicated terms, I thought I might be able to help.

Usability means “making it usable”.

User experience means  the “experience” is honky dory and meets expectations.

IA means information architecture, which is a fancy term for navigation, which won’t work unless the IA is worked out perfectly.

Accessibility simply refers to “making it usable, meets expectations and is easy to navigate” by special needs users and those of us who need reading glasses to read your product descriptions.

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