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Conversions and Gurus Rant

It’s time for me to back away from the Internet again.  The things that some SEO’s say and do are as obnoxious as the situation was during the birth of the public Internet.

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Give us a break!

If you are to believe the claims, there are at least 2 billion SEO self-proclaimed “guru” SEO’s on the planet.  This means that 2 billion SEO’s know everything there is to know about search engine marketing, past – present – future.  They’ll make you rich, powerful, famous and do all that for cheap and by using every possible spam technique known to mankind.

SEO’s Have Keywords.  They Don’t NEED to Worry About Conversions
The way this line of thinking goes is like this.  “Marketers are only responsible for getting web pages ranked high in search engines.”  This is all they’re required to do.  It’s a freaking easy job too!  All a company has to do is pay several thousands of currency each month to pay for rank via any number of ways that search engines and social sites permit, because of course, buying off rank passage on a big ship like Google is the key to riches, power and fame.  Building a web site that works for everybody is not, nor has ever been, and may never be, part of the plan.

The evidence is everywhere.  From SEO conferences that don’t educate the value of conversions from people of all types, to the SEO spam we get each day and comments I see  in search marketing sites.


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