Andy Beal Interviews Kim Krause Berg, Usability Analyst for Internet Marketing Ninjas

The new series, The Beal Deal, features interviews by Andy Beal that are run on Saturday’s for a relaxing read.  Today’s post features my interview.

Andy has known me for most of my career.  We’ve “grown up” in this biz together.  In fact, Andy was one of the handful of people in the search marketing industry who understood the benefit of offering usability and user experience practices along with online marketing services.  Twelve years ago, I could count on about seven SEO’s to support my holistic approach to client work.

Screenshot of Beal Deal interviewThe interview covers my thoughts on how usability fits in with Internet marketing, the sale of Cre8asiteforums and why I have so many names.  I hope you enjoy it. If human-centered design and marketing sounds like something you want for your company, contact the good folks at Internet Marketing Ninjas and ask for my help.

Read the interview:

The Beal Deal with Kim Kopp Krause Berg (@kim_cre8pc)

I admit I have way too much fun proving my worth around marketers… like a recent case where the revenue stream was hiding. I asked my boss to find it. Fifteen minutes and many guesses later I couldn’t stand it anymore and I showed him the tiny text link the homepage had that led to where the company expected to earn its revenue. I LOVE moments like this, especially when a client insists they don’t need a usability conversions audit but are more than happy to invest in keyword research.

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