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Discount Coupon for PubCon New Orleans 2013

discount code Code: rc-9189720 for PubCon New Orleans

Want 20% off? Click the banner and use this code: Code: rc-9189720

Knowing me has its perks.  If you want to go to PubCon New Orleans in April and love a bargain, I have the secret 20% off code for your Gold or Platinum pass.

Please say you’ll come.  I’m speaking but the rest of the time I’ll be taking pictures of all the exciting everything’s, from people to New Orleans itself.  Look for me at the Internet Marketing Ninjas area in the Exhibit Hall too.  There’s always lots of cool toys and gorgeous/handsome employees to chat with there.

20% off – You have until April 5 to click to register and use this super magic code “rc-9189720″

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