So What’s Next For Cre8pc?

Usually when someone changes jobs they get a two week ease out before diving into their new gig.  Not me.

The pieces of my career change and sale of Cre8asiteforums clicked into place quickly.  For weeks I couldn’t tell anyone where I was going or that I’d sold the forums.  However, the forums moderators all knew, as did my own family.  To their credit, my secret was held, or at least, not blasted out too loudly.

I’m still in the process of ending Cre8pc.  It was tied to so many things…like moving to a new house, you don’t realize how much stuff you have until it’s time to change or move it.  While trying to learn my new job and the processes there, I’m also closing down shop.

This website will remain online.  The content is still valuable.  Maybe next year I’ll have figured out what to do with it.

Kim picture
Kim Krause Berg, aka”cre8pc”

In the meantime, I’m still on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, as well as Cre8asiteforums. When you need usability audits or conversion analysis, look for me at Internet Marketing Ninjas, my new employer.  Their client reporting is unmatched.

And you can bet their web site usability and user experience services, combined with their search conversions expertise, are a conversions driven client’s dream come true.