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Rearranging the House (Again)

If you are a regular here and wonder why the design keeps changing, well. Welcome to The Experiment.

Getting my hands dirty.

I’ve been trying all kinds of software and themes, testing conversions and ease of use of everything.  This latest one is a basic WordPress Theme, which I’ve never tried before. The lessons I’m learning along the way have been incredible, humbling and funny.  Every tidbit of this ongoing experiment offers me a more intimate perspective of what many of you go through (and why usability and conversions design are so vital.)

My passion for usability and intense curiosity for all things web design, SEO, usability and testing takes me on a few odd trips now and then.  I’m not afraid to make mistakes because the next time, I’ll do better.

And when I do better, you benefit when you hire me to help you.

I need to make some changes to my server and then the next and hopefully final layout will appear.

Okay, must go.  Heard some yelling from upstairs.  Me thinks the Eagles did something good, or bad.

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