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Today’s Tip: Why Web Site Usability Reviews?

The main objective of usability reviews and functional testing is to help your online business succeed and meet all of your goals. Often, a company simply doesn’t know how to be successful online because their staff isn’t experienced with all the skills necessary to be and remain competitive.

Usability is an important business decision if revenue is expected to come from a web site. It is used to determine what is wanted and needed by a business. Usability input is focused on delivering results and supporting all the ways and opportunities available to successfully meet those results. It’s tied to reputation management, customer service, word of mouth advertising and the return of investment for all marketing.

Usability testing checks for ease of use.

In addition to support for business goals, usability testing acts as an advocate for customers and end users by educating companies on data collected on known user behavior, usage habits and issues such as those of disabled persons and the sight impaired. In some countries, such as the USA and the UK, some web sites must meet certain legal requirements or guidelines to do business online. Usability and human factors research are ongoing and closely tied to marketing goals and incentives.  The more case studies that are performed on how people use web sites, the better usability testing becomes in making sure web designs work as expected.

A nice recent resource to check out is Beyond Usability Testing

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