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Today’s Tip – Navigation and a Paper on How Articles go Viral

User friendly navigation, especially drop down menus, sometimes have usability issues. Here’s a nice article for designing drop down menus.

E-commerce drop-down menus: examples and best practices

Drop-down menus are a valuable navigational tool for e-commerce and other sites. There are potential usability issues, but a well designed drop-down will help customers to navigate more quickly and effectively.

In this post, I’ll look at some of the pros and cons of drop-downs, mega drop-downs, as well as some examples and best practices from a range of e-commerce sites.


What Makes online Content Viral?

Why are certain pieces of online content (e.g., advertisements, videos,
news articles) more viral than others? this article takes a psychological
approach to understanding diffusion. Using a unique data set of all the
New York Times articles published over a three-month period, the authors
examine how emotion shapes virality. the results indicate that positive
content is more viral than negative content, but the relationship between
emotion and social transmission is more complex than valence alone.

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