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Today’s Finds: An SEO Industry Update and Future of Mobile NFC

I’m back from vacation and ready to share cool finds from the world of usability and search engine marketing.

First up, SEOMoz has put up the results of their

SEO Industry Survey

My buddy, Dr. Pete, does a nice writeup of results and, being a usability guy, makes the page easy to scan to glean the results. The old cry that there aren’t many women in the SEO industry still rings true, with 77% of respondents being men. Based on the survey results, the entire search engine marketing industry is still growing and adapting to the challenges thrown at them by Google and a social media drenched public.

The folks at HumanFactors.com produced some information regarding Near field communication (NFC), which is a short-range wireless technology allowing mobile users to connect devices and access content and services by simply holding enabled devices near each other.

Once NFC chips are integrated into devices, a host of new applications can be built that can:

Pay for goods and services
Help people access such things as public transport, office buildings, or their cars
Download music, videos, and discount coupons from smart posters
Share content such as music, videos and photographs
exchange business cards

A few Android smartphones already support NFC and Microsoft and Apple are expected to integrate NFC in the phones to be launched in late 2012.

According to a recent study, one-third of iPhone users indicated that they were “likely” or “very likely” to use mobile payments. Analysis from Juniper Research states that the NFC mobile payments market will exceed $75 billion globally by 2013, when 20% of all phones shipped will possess NFC capability.

Read the full story –

Interaction Model for NFC Enabled Applications

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