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Does Your Web Site Content Influence Action?

The science of usability goes far beyond navigation logic and decorated links. User experience includes making a lasting impression, which helps with word-of-mouth marketing. Is the site clear about its objectives? Does each page motivate you to read more? Does the site content influence action?

As in dating, we think that to make a good first impression, we should keep the conversation focused on our positive traits. Especially in the vital first few minutes, we avoid launching into what we don’t want others to know.

Some interesting human factors studies prove that when it comes to online selling and influencing decisions, site visitors respond well to both the pros and cons of a product and remember both positive and negative details. If they previously knew about a topic, they were confident in their knowledge, not easily swayed, and resistant to change tactics. When presented alongside positive attributes, negative messages didn’t adversely affect whether or not someone bought an item. The ability to weigh pros and cons to come to a decision worked best.

Does your search-engine-optimized website instill confidence among your visitors? Have you done the homework for them by posting price comparison information or publishing user feedback? Amazon, for example, not only allows customers to send in book and product reviews, but encourages readers to rate the feedback’s helpfulness.

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