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Top Ten Must Have Books on Usability and Search Engine Optimization

The only that pours slower than molasses is universal acceptance of how well search engine marketing and user experience design work together. How long have I been writing here on the topic? Eleven years. Five people actually get it.

Interest in the Usability and SEO combo is growing but mostly from the search engine marketing camp. Some of the more famous of my friends in the SEO industry have been including usability audits with their services for years. A few won’t even take on new marketing clients until their web site passes a usability review and repairs are made first. Why? Because promoting a web site that doesn’t work is a waste of time and money. While there’s always SEO companies that have no interest in usable web sites and take money in whatever way they can steal get it from unsuspecting people, there are others who take pride in their work.


The Best Usability and SEO books to Own

Why are Usability and SEO so valuable together? Because both camps want to deliver their target users the object of their desire. Each niche has its own techniques and forms of delivery. Search engine marketers focus on promoting clients’ products and services. They’re paid to promote and if they’re any good, their landing pages immediately deliver on the promise of taking their visitor to whatever they promised. User experience design branches out into all things human oriented. Not only do they create designs that deliver visitors to their desired task, but they persuade them to stick around and do something else while they’re there. The usability camp is mortified if someone’s needs and desires aren’t met. Search engine marketers are less concerned about that, but they should be!

There are many books on search engine marketing.  Usability and usability testing books have been around for years, with Jakob Nielsen being the most popular, followed by Jared Spool. Understanding the theory and practices behind a unified Usability and SEO approach can be found in the 10 books below. Each one deserves a home on your bookshelf.

1. Ambient Findability: What We Find Changes Who We Become

2. Search Engine Visibility (2nd Edition)

3. When Search Meets Web Usability

4. Call to Action: Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results

5. Always Be Testing: The Complete Guide to Google Website Optimizer

6. Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success – – This book is new and I love it!

7. Audience, Relevance, and Search: Targeting Web Audiences with Relevant Content

8. Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions

9. Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click?

10. Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day

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