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Pay Per Conversation – Bringing User Behavior into a Social Networking World

It took us 15 years but finally, FINALLY, humanity is connected by one unifying activity. Online communication. This is not the same thing as chatting, emailing, newsletters or forums. They’re the medium. What I mean is that we’re making contact and learning from it.

I had an epiphany in 1995 the first time I ever saw the Internet. A neighbor had showed me AOL and chat areas grouped by interests. I’m driven by a powerful sense of curiosity (when untamed, it can be trouble!), and when I realized I could converse with people from around the world on any topic, no matter how odd, the world stopped moving for a minute. And in that moment, I realized the entire planet could create peace simply by conversation. (Hence, “cre8pc” = “create peace”, or its business persona, “Create PC”.)

It’s interesting that while there is no global peace yet, if you’re astute and paying attention, the energies are moving in that direction. It’s harder to kill or hate those who become real people rather than imagined, brain washed figments of group imagination.

One of the opportunities I have working for LiBeck Integrated Marketing is making sense out of social conversations and bringing what I uncover into web site design and development work. While the thrust of work performed by LiBeck staff is social network marketing oriented on a grand scale, our clients are educated about how real, authentic people count in any strategy. Usability and user experience aren’t just la la fancy terms tossed in to cover five usability heuristics. You can’t work with the Internet until you completely understand who is using it.

There’s a profound difference between a $600 paid inbound link from a PR7 site and a pinpointed hit with a human being whom a site or landing page is created for. Which one is going to talk? The link or the person?

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